BD Foods Ltd is a leading Bangladeshi agricultural food producing company offering healthy, nutritious and hygienic products. Our motto is ‘BD FOOD - GOOD FOOD’. We offer premium quality snacks, spices, pickles, chutneys, sauces, aromatic rice, and mustard oil among other culinary items. We are committed to harnessing the best agro-based resources of Bangladesh from genuine growers at a fair price. Our purpose is to consistently improve the choice of consumers with the most captivating food products from Bangladesh. Our market potential is astounding, given the target population size of 160 million, a consistent economic growth-rate and massively increasing demand pattern for quality food products.

Our Pursuit


BD Turmeric powder

BD Chanachur

BD Chinigura Aromatic Rice

BD Mango Pickle

BD Pineapple jam

BD Lychee Drinks (FLAVORED)

BD Haleem mix

BD Chilli Powder

BD Fried Peanut

BD Olive Pickle

BD Mango Jam

BD Orange Drink (FLAVORED)

BD Mango Jam

BD Coriander Powder

BD Mixed Pickle

BD Ispaghula Husk (lemon Flavored)

BD Mustard Oil

BD Cumin Powder

BD fried dal

BD Garlic Pickle

BD Mixed Fruit Jam

BD Ispaghula Husk ( Orange Flavoured)

BD Curry powder

BD Vinegar

BD Fried peas

BD Satkora Pickle

BD Orange Jelly

BD Tandoori Chicken Masala

BD chick peas

BD Baukul Pickle

BD Orange Jelly

BD Choco Choco

Toast Biscuit

BD Beef Curry Spices

BD Jhal Muri

BD potato crackers

BD Tamarind Chutney

BD Tomato Sauce


Butter Toast

BD Fish Curry Spices

BD Mango Chutney

BD Tomato Sauce

Dry Cake

Top C Orange

BD Farm Raised Chicken Curry Spices

BD muri (Puffed rice)

BD Boroi Chutney

BD Tamarind Sauce

Dry Cake Chocolate

Top C Mango

BD Mutton curry Spices

BD Mixed Fruit Chutney

BD Chilli Sauce

HunnY Green Mango Candy

BD Garam Masala

BD Olive Chutney

BD Chilli Sauce

HunnY Orange Candy

BD Panchforon

BD Hot Mango Pickle

BD Green Chilli Sauce

HunnY lychee Candy

BD Panchforon (Whole)

BD Amloki Chutney

BD Soya Sauce

HunnY Milk Candy

BD Tamarind Chutney